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Why IntroAmerica now?

November 16, 2012 1:39 am | By Betty

In the last four years, America has seen a great influx of students from China, particularly undergraduate students. At the same time, there has always been a lack of resources about the process of living in America, even for Chinese- Americans, so this website is an attempt to be a resource to these two constituents. I believe in helping others and the dedication of the Intro America team indicates that they do also. We’re building this site to help provide information about the country that I love and many are curious about and to  identify services to help others with the transition to America, whether for studies, travel or relocation.

I’m a first generation immigrant to America, from Hong Kong. When my parents arrived years ago, even though they had relatives here, they found the transition difficult and, as a child of immigrants, I saw the impact on their lives and mine. When I talked to my team members, they spoke about their own transition challenges and the need for a resource that would provide information on American life, American culture and the American education system.

Never has there been as much demand for the type of information and help as Intro America Inc. will be offering.  This is an offering from the heart and we hope that you will participate with us, offering your own experiences and suggestions for others. Together, we can make this the best resource for all people coming to discover America.

I hope you find our site useful. Send us your comments and thoughts in Contact US.