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IntroAmerica is part of the Regis Technology Accelerator for 2013

September 10, 2013 2:53 pm | By Betty

When I started this organization and website to help others last summer, I didn’t realize how much help we needed ourselves. But as we approach our one year anniversary, I find myself looking forward to joining this very special first class of the Regis Tech Accelerator program and moving to a space with other new/young companies, interns and mentors. The Regis High School and alumni decided to celebrate their anniversary by setting up a program to help companies by hosting them, offering interns and providing Regis alumni as mentors. While my partners and I may have over 100 years of work experience, as I mentioned to a VC recently, it doesn’t mean we can’t benefit from more help and good advice!

As I briefly reflect on the past year, (because no entrepreneur has a lot of time to reflect) I think of all the friends, mentors and advisors that have helped me/us to get where we are now – a resource of information about life in America written by students and advisors for students. There have been some challenges along the way, (including being hacked twice!) but we are surely headed down the right path with Regis. A special ‘shout out’ (American phrase!) for Yao at for introducing us to the program and a very special thanks to Charlie Bonello and Matt Harrigan for accepting us.

So, on June 14, we’ll pack our bags from our office in the East Village near the Public Theater and NYU and move uptown for part of the summer, to be near Central Park and the Metropolitan Museum.  On the morning of June 17, we’ll open up shop at Regis High School on 84th Street, between Park and Madison avenues and meet our new office mates and intern.

Stay tuned for weekly updates from our team members about our experiences in the Regis Accelerator Program. For more information, you can visit this website.


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