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Bring your college application to life! Admissions Representatives love this platform!

August 1, 2017 12:30 pm | By ZeeMee

ZeeMee is a free, professional platform that helps connect students to life changing experiences by helping their stories get seen. We are helping students bring their stories to life, and are investing millions of dollars to aid students in the quest for access and equity in the college admissions process in a meaningful way. Students can easily use a smartphone to build their ZeeMee profile on our mobile app. We firmly believe that every student has a unique story and should be able to showcase themselves and put their best foot forward using ZeeMee. With 60+ college partners, users in over 100 countries at the K-12 level and roughly 9,000 high schools, we are building something special.Read about more about Zeemee, here.
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ZeeMee allows colleges to meet students where they shine – ZeeMee resonates deeply with students, as it allows them to tell their whole story and express themselves completely in a media rich manner. Need tangible proof? Check out just a handful of these sensational ZeeMees that high school students have submitted both in the U.S. and around the world. Meet Srey Nich, Nicholas, Todd, Hannah, and Vidya.
All students have access to tell their stories; we are an intuitive platform where students can access and easily build out a ZeeMee on their cell phones, tablets, or computers.
We are a standard field for our partner colleges in the Common App, and it is easy to add us to any application. Colleges are embedding ZeeMee in their applications and checklists (see Elon University, Beloit College, and Ohio Wesleyan University).
Existing partners like Morehouse College have told us how they have admitted students this cycle that would have otherwise “fallen through the cracks” in prior years, because ZeeMee has allowed them to hear students’ stories first-hand.
Private high schools are using ZeeMee; as an example, see St. Xavier High School and St. Agnes Academy.
High Schools are using ZeeMee and ZeeMee’s free online curriculum in their classroom to empower students to create a positive digital identity.
A growing list of admissions officers build their own free ZeeMees to connect with students. Here are just a couple examples. Nicola DiFronzo-Heitzer from Immaculata University I Emanuel Chacon from Cabrini College I Jillian Johnson from Beloit College.
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