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The College Decision

April 3, 2014 10:46 pm | By Dong Yi

college decision

If you are looking at this article, it probably means that you have completed the college application process! So, congratulations!

The college application process is probably one of the most important events that you will experience in life. Now that the application process is over, you might think that you are finished with the process of applying to college. Not so fast! There is one more step to go, and that is the college decision process.

Most colleges/universities send their offer letters between the months of March and April for regular action applications. There are three types of decisions: accepted, rejected, and waitlisted.

If you are ACCEPTED, it means that:
• you are offered a spot in the incoming freshman class

If you are REJECTED, it means that:
• you are not offered a spot in the incoming freshman class

If you are WAITLISTED, it means that:
• the college/university did not accept or reject you, you have been placed on a waiting list and your chance of getting into the school depends on an accepted student declining to attend
• The higher you are up on the waitlist the more likely your status will change to accepted

What should you do now? Should you accept a position on the waitlist? Should you get angry at the school for wait listing you and decide you didn’t want to go there anyway? Do you go ahead and put down a deposit at a school where you’ve been accepted, even if your waitlist school is your first choice? Do you simply sit around and wait?