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Popular Spring Break Destinations

March 20, 2014 9:41 am | By Amanda

Spring break

Going on Spring Break with a group of friends has become somewhat of an American college tradition. Typically in March or April, just when the weather is just starting to warm up (but not quite the sizzling summer heat yet), students take advantage of this one week to travel and relax with their friends. Although most go to tropical and sunny destinations, there are some unconventional, yet popular, ones as well.

The most popular Spring Break destinations are usually tropical and sunny, such as Miami, Cancun, Hawaii, Jamaica, the Bahamas, etc. Because it is a chance for students to relax and de-stress right before finals, many even choose an all-you-can-eat/drink resort package. Senior year of college, my close friends and I went to Puerto Rico for Spring Break. There, we rented a small townhouse by the beach. Aside from relaxing by the ocean, we also toured the city, learned about Puerto Rico’s rich history, and drove out to explore some less touristy areas.

However, not all Spring Breaks are relaxing tropical vacations. In fact, many students use Spring Break to volunteer abroad. When I was a sophomore in college, a couple of my friends went on a service trip to the Philippines. This is actually a perfect way to explore a new place, while making a meaningful contribution to society, without having to miss class. Aside from the Philippines, I’ve also had friends who volunteered in the Dominican Republic, El Salvador, and India over Spring break.

Lastly, some students use Spring Break for cultural exploration. Freshmen year, I went to Montreal with 4 friends and learned about its French history. Senior year, two of my roommates went to Iceland and saw the Aurora Borealis, hiked icy mountains, and came back with incredible pictures of nature. Likewise, I’ve known students who went to Mexico, not for a tropical vacation, but for cultural tourism.

All in all, Spring Break is an excellent time to relax on a tropical beach, volunteer, or explore a new city. Whether it’s drinking a mojito in Puerto Rico, surfing the waves of Hawaii, or exploring an old cathedral in Mexico City, the options for Spring Break are endless.