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Waking up and all my stuff is gone!

February 3, 2014 11:07 pm | By Li

stolen phone

Have you ever lost valuables such as laptop, cellphone, or even glasses? Well, one day, after taking a 20 min nap on the desk in the library, I woke up to discover that all these things I put on my desk was gone.

I panicked at first, and I started to ask people whether they noticed anyone taking my things away. I quickly learned that people studying in the library rarely paid attention to others passing by. Then I followed the procedure of going to the help desk at the library.

After hearing my troubles and complaints, the chief librarian calmly suggested I go back and search the place where I lost my electronic equipment, and he also suggested to report this to the security office as soon as possible. As the librarian was speaking, I realized that my valuables were long gone, and that my complaints will not bring them back. I decided to lift myself up, mentally and physically, and to take immediate steps to get myself out of this mess.

The first step I took was to fill out the lost report with the appropriate information, such as my address, the list of items that I lost, and a brief description of what happened. I was as detailed as possible. And for good measure, I even went to the desk several times to search again to make sure my stuff did not reappear miraculously.

After completing the report, I considered what my next steps would be and how to best handle this tough situation. I was not able to contact other people, all my files were lost with my computer. And to add to this inconvenience, it was difficult to see without my glasses. Luckily, I had purchased insurance on my cellphone. I submitted a cellphone claim online, using the library computer, and later I received the exact new phone within 24 hours! This was much faster and easier than I thought it would be.

I was lucky to have a spare pair of glasses, so I was able to clearly see after I made my way to my room. I was fortunate enough to address three of the major items that were stolen, the last was the computer. Luckily I had a contingency plan: I had an old computer in my apartment and the library rented computers to students, so I still could finish work and have access to my email account.

Finally, the immediate problem of losing my technology stuff was the possibility of leaking out my credit card information. It is very common that some cellphone applications automatically connect to people’s credit card accounts (such apps as Starbucks, Groupon, and Amazon). So I tried to use the Findiphone to locate my lost devices and wipe out the data. Then I signed in on the telecommunication server’s website to suspend my device. I immediately suspended my device via T-Mobile. The last step, for the safety of my credit card account, I honestly contacted my parents in China. I told them I lost my cellphone, computer and glasses, and strongly advised them to pay close attention all recent credit card transactions. If the credit card showed unexpected transaction, they should immediately freeze my account.

After taking all of these protective measures, it was about 6:00 pm. I did not want the bad luck to have further influence on me anymore, so I focused on what I could do on my schedule. I found I had a meeting to go downtown. Without knowing the exact location, I printed out the location of the meeting by using a library computer. Then I ended the unlucky day in an interesting networking party of old and new friends.

Being an overseas student alone, when this unexpected accident happened to me, I honestly couldn’t handle the situation as easily as when I was back home. In my hometown I can just call my parents and talk to my friends, complain about the loss and curse the thief, or reporting to the school authorities. Being an overseas student, inefficient complaining and cursing will not contribute to any positive effect. Instead, the bad emotion may bring you more troubles: distrusting of people, keeping concerning about the loss, and losing the morale to continue this fast pace life. When unpreventable accidents or tragedies happen, we should first take a deep breath, and then consider how to deal with the after effects, step by step.

The experience of overseas studies can provide people a quality academic career, as well as give opportunities to help students to grow up with the essential abilities of an independent man or woman. You can grow up and learn to be calm and persevere so you can handle unexpected jokes God makes on you. You can grow up with a clear understanding of what the real world is like. We are the masters of ourselves. We can, and must, live through what is called life.

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