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December 4, 2013, New York…A new, free resource is now available in Chinese for students and parents of students interested in attending US colleges. The directory, which has information about over accredited 4000 colleges, is available at It was developed in partnership with the National Research Center for Colleges and University Admissions (NRCCUA), a nonprofit research organization that has been providing information to more than 60 million American students for over 40 years.

“NRCCUA is very interested in helping Chinese students learn more about all the great colleges that we have in America through the my college options international directory,” says Don Munce, CEO of NRCCUA. “We feel we can use all our experience helping American students to help Chinese students find the colleges that fit their needs.”

Intro America Inc. was founded by an immigrant from Hong Kong, Betty Wong, who observed the need for this service when she was deputy executive director at another nonprofit, World Education Services, which provides information to US admissions officers about student international transcripts and grades. The “free to use” college directory allows users to select the majors, location and size of the colleges and size and type of student population and provides information on average tests scores and tuition and costs of living. The company makes money when students authorize release of their profile information to US colleges.

In addition to information about colleges, the website, which is also available in English at, has information about college life, including the admissions process, written by students to help other students. “This is a resource that is not readily available to international students and especially not in Chinese,” says Betty. “We want to support all students with great advice and tips and also share the information with parents who often don’t have any idea what life will be like once they send their child thousands of miles away. We want to enable families to make the right decisions about college since it is so important for the entire family’s future.”
About Intro America Inc.

Intro America Inc. was started by Betty Wong. She has an MBA from Columbia Business School and a BS from NYU’s Stern School of Business. IntroAmerica is the registered trademark of Intro America Inc. More information can be found at or contact us To contact Betty, please email her