October 3, 2014 – “JIANGSU STAR STUDENT SEARCH” OFFERS 5 MILLION US DOLLARS TO JIANGSU STUDENTS First Scholarship Program Tailored to Jiangsu Students

October 3, 2014

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First Scholarship Program Tailored to Jiangsu Students

NANJING, CHINA (October 3, 2014) –IntroAmerica Inc. is pleased to announce the “Jiangsu Star Student Search” ceremony and US college fairs on Oct. 4 and 5. Events will be held at the Sofitel Galaxy Hotel full day on both days. The program is a collaboration between US media company IntroAmerica Inc. and the Jiangsu Education Association. Phoenix AD Media Group supports the program.

This is the first program ever launched in China that offers 5 million US dollars specifically to students in Jiangsu Province. Sixteen American colleges are offering up to $100,000 in tuition scholarships over a four-year period, including Anderson University, Boston University, College of St. Elizabeth’s, Denison University, Lynn University, Queen’s University of Charlotte, Southern Utah University, St. John Fisher College, St. Michael’s College, Sterling College, University of Kentucky, University of Mississippi, University of Northern Iowa, University of the Pacific, University of Vermont and Winthrop University.

Other supporters and organizations providing scholarship prizes include Mary and Harry Chung of New York real estate company Douglas Elliman, Institute for Global Student Success, a mentoring and networking program founded by Wharton Professor Alan Kerzner and Top Admit, an essay-writing consulting program located in China.

Students and parents are invited to the interview sessions on Oct. 4, which are only open to students who stand out in previous essay contest organized by IntroAmerica Inc. Students are then judged based on their essay contest and interview performances. A panel of interview judges consists of education expert Joyce Slayton Mitchell, American architect Benjamin Moore, Jason Skinner from Top Admit, Colin Barnett from IELTS, Mr. Christopher Cowie from Denison University, Liheng Bai from Sterling College, Pik Chi Hui from Southern Utah University, Ms. Greet Provoost from the University of Mississippi, Ms. Katryna Swartout from the University of Vermont, Tim Patterson from Sterling College and Kathleen Crisp from the University of the Pacific.

“We received thousands of essays from Jiangsu students this year,” said Betty Wong, CEO and co-founder of IntroAmerica Inc. “We’re thrilled by Chinese students’ creativity and we’re happy to help them on their way to getting higher education in the U.S.”

Two full-day-long events follow the interview. The events feature comprehensive presentations on U.S. college life, how to apply for and introductions to U.S. colleges. Presentations are delivered by education experts including author Joyce Slayton Mitchell, who wrote the first Chinese language US college book as a Westerner, as well as college representatives who have rich experience working with Chinese students.

IntroAmerica Inc. invites all students and parents interested in studying abroad to attend this first-ever scholarship program.

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