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Game Yourself Into A Job? Try Pymetrics.

April 9, 2017 12:47 pm | By Betty Wong

Many of us have taken personality tests, like Myers-Briggs, before. Career centers use these tests to help us discover what we are most suited to do. There are usually a series of questions and, depending on how you answer those questions, the algorithms will provide you with a description of your personality and what careers you should consider. Along comes Pymetrics, a different type of test – this one is based on cognitive neuroscience and is quite fun.

Without telling you more, I can share that by participating in exercises for approximately 30 minutes, you will be assessed on your cognitive, social and emotional traits. Whether you agree or not, Pymetrics can also provide you with how closely you fit the profile of different careers and identify positions available by career in their database. The algorithms of this program were developed by several founders who have doctoral degrees in brain and cognitive sciences and neuroscience and psychology from institutions such as MIT, Harvard, Weill Cornell, and Princeton.

Interesting for employers is that Pymetrics claim they can deliver candidates based on talent, without gender, ethnicity or pedigree bias and employees hired will stay longer at their jobs. College placement officers at Harvard Business School, Williams College and Dartmouth, according to the website, have a more modern way-gaming- to engage and potentially advise their college students and alumni.

As for my results, the Pymetrics system suggests I try business development, investment management, STEM research and systems engineering. Companies like DoorDash, Instacart and Bank of America might be interested in my skills… Give this game a try!