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The College Scorecard Can Help Find the College that Best Fits You

October 30, 2016 11:56 pm | By Abigail

For many Americans, the cost of going to college or sending their children to college will be among the things they will spend the most money on. Last year, President Barack Obama put in a new effort to provide useful data for prospective students. The Scorecard is a useful tool for international students too.

Obama announced the launch of a new College Scorecard to help students and parents identify which schools provide the biggest bang for your buck. He says, in an economy where some higher education is still the surest ticket to the middle class, the choices that Americans make when searching for and selecting a college have never been more important.

Obama says, “Americans will now have access to reliable data on every institution of higher education.  You’ll be able to see how much each school’s graduates earn, how much debt they graduate with, and what percentage of a school’s students can pay back their loans – which will help all of us see which schools do the best job of preparing America for success.”

The College Scorecard also allows students and their families to compare and sort institutions based on a variety of measurements. For example, what is the college’s typical undergraduate student debt? Which schools have a graduation rate higher than 80 percent? What is an alumni’s median salary from the school 5 years after entering?

Despite the fact that there were 3.7 million page views in the first four days after its launch, administrative officials conclude that there are still gaps in the data. They are hoping for continuous improvement and refinement of the site.

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