Attention Graduate Students: VIRTUAL INTERNSHIP OPPORTUNITY- apply by Feb 18 to begin Mar 1

February 12, 2016 12:21 pm | By Alan Kerzner

Institute for Global Student Success is an offering an opportunity to enroll in a program, Virtual Internships, proven to help graduate students gain paid on-location internships and full-time jobs
Recent studies indicate that 75% of employers will only hire a candidate that has had related work experience. But with the number of candidates far larger than the number of internships available, it is extremely difficult to gain the experience required. And if you want to do an unpaid internship, you need to buy credits from your university – often costing up to $3,000.
That’s why the Institute for Global Student Success has teamed up with the former Controller of Pepsi to offer Virtual Internships where you can gain the experience and skills you need, put work experience on your resume and also get a Letter of Recommendation from your coach. Here is how it works:
1. Potential enrollees must submit their resume to see if they will be accepted into the program

2. Participants are put into groups of 4-5 students or can form their own group.

3. You get to choose from different internships in different fields.

4. Over the course of 2.5 months, you and your Team will spend 35-45 hours each working on the internship.

5. You will be coached by the former Treasurer of Pepsi or me.

6. You will present your recommendations to your coach and/or management from the company that provided the business issue.

7. Cost for the entire program is $990. This covers all the coaching you will receive, the opportunity to present and to get a Letter of Recommendation.

A list of available projects is attached. These internships will begin on March 1, with all participants selected by February 18.
Space is limited, so if you are interested in participating, please e-mail with your resume and the three projects you are most interested in.

Thank you and I hope you take advantage of this great opportunity. For those of you who recently celebrated the Lunar New Year, may Fortune shine upon you in this year of the Monkey.

Alan Kerzner
Director, Institute for Global Student Success

Virtual Internship Options

Strategic Marketing
MS 1 – Recommend a redesign of the website of a wine company, recommending enhanced functionality, cutting-edge experiential elements and new social media tie-ins.

MS2 – Utilizing digital analytics, understand a video-app’s user base in China, Thailand, the Philippines and India. Segment the user base in each of these markets and then make recommendations for new ways to significantly grow the user base in each market.

MS3 – Develop a marketing plan to target New York City residents and professionals to join a “Make-it-Yourself” winery that has been extremely successful on Long Island.

MS4 – The Coke and Pepsi companies are facing severe challenges. Review how Coke and Pepsi are dealing with trends and which company you believe will be in a better financial and strategic position in 5 years. Then compare development of the soft drink market in China vs. the US and whether you believe there will be the same downturn in soda sales down the road.

International Business Development
BD1 – With restrictions on doing business with Cuba easing, determine market potential for a US hotel and time-share company in Cuba and if positive, develop an introductory business plan.

Finance and Investment Banking
FAS1 – Merger and Acquisition Analysis – Evaluate the possible merger of two companies in the food industry. The work will involve analysis of the two companies to determine their strategic fit and areas of possible synergies and revenue enhancements and preparing pro forma combined financial statements and earnings per share dilution under different deal structures.
FAS2 – Valuation Analysis- Procter & Gamble – This group will evaluate whether a breakup of this diversified consumer products company would create shareholder value.
FAS3 – Securities Analyst—This intern will review the rapidly growing market for cyber security services and perform a competitive analysis of three major participants, Palo Alto Networks, Fire Eye and CyberArk.
FAS4 – Financial Analyst- Restaurant Franchising. This intern will prepare a spreadsheet model to provide financial projections for a restaurant company considering selling franchises.
FAS5 – Financial Analyst- Food Industry. Analyze the financial statements of two natural food companies (Hain Celestial Group and White Wave Foods) and one conventional food company (Nestle) to identify differences in their financial profile and key financial ratios.