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College Experience at Transylvania University

January 10, 2016 1:15 am | By Nanhao Chen

Transylvania University (Transy) has developed a complete and effective academic support system to help all the students discover their very own college path through the cooperation of instructors, peer leaders, and alumni!


All TU incoming students start their college life in August with a special required term for first year students which help them to adapt to college life both academically and socially. August Term usually is three weeks long. All the students are divided into different August Term classes with one instructor and one peer leader, also known as August Term Scholar, to help them not only create a productive experience but also guide them through the beginning stages of college life namely class schedule arrangement and the process of choosing a major. The August Term instructors will also be the initial advisor for those students who are in their classes, and they will provide professional and valuable advice for students. However, students are also allowed to change their advisor at any point since not all the students’ interest in their undergraduate education would match with their advisors’ areas. As the majority of students come to Transy with undeclared major, all the advisors see it as their mission to help all the students explore their individual interests!


The August Term Scholars serve as the peer leaders for students. Their job is not only to assist the instructor to prepare a productive August Term experience, but also to show the students the social life at Transy: university traditions, student clubs and organizations, the Greek life system, and our community. They will be around the students who are in their class all of the first semester in order to help students adapt into college life smoothly. They are both the leaders and friends for all the first year students that one can ask for help all the time, and they are always more than happy to help out!


Transylvania University also has a strong active alumni program, also known as the 100 doors program. Transy works closely with our excellent alumni to prepare students in both during their college years and their future career. Each student in this program is matched with a mentor based on students’ future career interests. Mentors are either active or have ample experience of the related areas. Mentors and mentees will work regularly based on their own agreements so that mentees have a better understanding of the career they are interested in. Our alumni passions’ offer the invaluable support to the Transy community as a significant part of cultivating students to be excellent Transy Pioneers!