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US Scholarships For Indian Students [click here]

January 1, 2016 1:05 pm | By IntroAmerica


IntroAmerica and its partner, Localpad, are introducing a new scholarship program for Indian students who want to attend a US college. The IntroAmerica Star Student Search Program includes high school students interested in at attending a US college, current college students or graduates interested in attending a US graduate school or any student interested in transferring to a US college.
Among US colleges are many hidden gems that provide a first rate education and high value but are less well-known. Many of these are leading regional colleges looking for excellent foreign students who meet their high standards and a number of them offer partial or in some cases full scholarships.


How does this program work? IntroAmerica finds colleges willing to offer scholarships and brings them into the program. At the same time, IntroAmerica rigorously screens foreign students for academic ability and English writing and speaking proficiency by evaluating performance in a graded essay-writing contest, followed by a graded interview for those who meet the writing criteria. IntroAmerica sends the names of the best students to the best colleges in the program. High-quality Indian students with great grades and test scores as well as strong recommendations from schools, employers or extracurricular organizations have an excellent opportunity to compete and win these scholarships and graduate with honors from these institutions.
Why you should act now. You still need to apply to and be accepted by the college but with the IntroAmerica scholarship program you can bypass a lot of student competition as well as the overloaded recruiters. This program increases your odds of winning a scholarship because your name can land on the short list for one of these scholarships offered exclusively to students in this program. The program for this academic year continues only until April 2016. Colleges have different application due dates and scholarships will be given based on the order of application so we encourage you to apply as soon as possible. The program will repeat in the Fall for the 2017 academic year. But for those interested in attending a US college in Fall 2016, this is a not-to-be-missed opportunity requiring immediate attention.
How do you get started? There are 5 easy steps:
1. Create an application profile at
• Choose the colleges you are interested in attending next year or in the future. If you are applying for admission for a date later than Fall 2016, let us know so if your essay writing and interview performance meets the criteria, we can refer your name to colleges for consideration for a future scholarship.
• Select a time slot for essay-writing.
• Make the payment of 680 rupees ($10 (US)) to finish the application process. Note: There is no limit to the number of scholarships you can apply for in the program with this one payment.
2. Watch IntroAmerica’s essay writing and interview training webinars provided by U.S. experts to hone your skills and improve your competitive edge. The webinar training links, another valuable benefit of program participation,will be sent to you via email automatically upon completion of the application process with payment.
3. On your selected test date and test time, go to your personal profile; write an essay on the topic that is assigned to you at that time in the allotted time of one hour.
4. If your performance on the essay contest meets the English fluency requirement, you will have the opportunity to interview via Webex or Skype and be evaluated by IntroAmerica on your English-speaking skills.
5. You must apply directly and separately to each college or university offering the scholarship: send your common application and all required transcripts, test scores and recommendations. If you meet all of their admissions requirements, you may find yourself admitted to a US college, possibly with a scholarship. All students applying through the IntroAmerica Star Student Search Program will get a quick turn-around on the admission decision, in some cases in less than a month. NOTE: Some colleges insist that you apply in order to be considered for a scholarship. Colleges may also require scholarship winners to commit to attend by enrolling by a deadline.
Current opportunities. Colleges are continually joining the program and creating new scholarships, so check the website frequently to stay informed. The table below shows four colleges currently in the program offering scholarships to students in a variety of major fields (Copy and paste link under college name for more majors).
4 college application info


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