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Top 5 Picks of the Week -Universities Where the Fewest Applicants Get In

November 6, 2015 9:23 pm | By Abigail

1.  “Smart drugs” are here – should college students be allowed to use them?

Giving drugs a new definition. You are not sick. But if a drug could make you smarter, help you learn, and keep you more focused, would you take it? Let’s have a look at a recent Monday night debate at George Washington University.

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2. 10 Universities Where the Fewest Applicants Get In

The average acceptance rate for fall 2014 was 64.7% among ranked colleges and universities reporting data to U.S. News, but the lowest was only 5%. Which universities have the most competitive admission rates? Is your school on the list?

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3. How to Study from a Textbook Using the Cornell Note Taking Method

Note taking is a very important skill to master in college. The Cornell Note Taking Method is one of the most popular and effective methods for taking notes for all kinds of subjects. Would you like to learn how to use this particular note taking strategy in reading and studying your textbook materials?

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4. How Tablets & Mobile Devices Have Changed the College Experience?

Textbooks vs. E-books, Notebooks vs. Laptops, Online Learning vs. in-Person Classes… rapidly changing technology has drastically changed the university experience. What are the differences? Why do students prefer digital devices? Here’s the answer.

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5. How Video Games Are Becoming University-Approved Sports?

Did you ever think that playing video games could get you into colleges? Well, now it’s a university-approved sport! 800 video gamers came to University of Cincinnati with their laptops, desktops, TV monitors, GameCube controllers… What are they doing?

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