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Still Looking for a Job This Summer? Try

June 29, 2015 10:00 am | By Betty Wong

If you’re looking for a part-time job, an internship or a first job after college, try recently funded The website has a selection of jobs from large companies looking for campus ambassadors or representatives, and it offers local opportunities for bartenders, babysitters, and DJs. After less than a year in business, they now have students from over 2,400 American campuses in their match-making database.

JJ Fliegelman, Co-founder/CTO, told a rapt group of attendees of the NYC Chinese Entrepreneurs Organization (NYCCEO) Meetup, that he and co-founder/CEO Liz saw the opportunity and went after it, quitting positions at McKinsey and Google, to follow an idea that was inspired by an aligned business they started during their last year at Wharton. The two raised slightly less than $1 million from Box Group and went through Y-Combinator training, resulting in a $7.8 million series A earlier this spring.


The key to their success is that they focus on the student experience and the employers’ needs, proclaims JJ. Unlike or other jobs boards, the Campus Jobs system matches students to employer requirements, only showing the positions that meet employer requirements. JJ claims this makes a happier experience for both parties, rather than having both parties search themselves through the database. Employers don’t pay for postings, only for exact match candidates. Students never pay.

However, students can get paid to work for Campus Job. Apparently they have a goody bag they send to the student who signs up the most friends every month. Looks like is hiring permanently too and you can find out more about those jobs at


This article was written by Betty Wong, IntroAmerica CEO, who spends lots of time learning from students and about businesses that would be interesting to students.