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Are Paper Books Going Extinct?

June 17, 2015 9:00 am | By Clairissa Myatt

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It is the endless debate: electronic or print books?

Since 2010 electronic books, or e-Books, have become increasingly popular among adult readers. According to the Pew Research Center’s Internet and American Life Project, “Fully 50 percent of adults own a tablet or e-reader, and two out of five public libraries lend e-readers.”

Even Lynn has become an electronically innovative university, giving iPads to all students. Known as the Apple Initiative, this concept is making required texts more convenient and cost efficient in terms of books.

“Having books on the iPad are cheaper and easier to carry around with you,” said Emily Angst, sophomore. “All the notes are in one place; it is a lot more convenient and realistic.”

Tablets, e-Books and even cellphones are not only providing more convenience for the average reader, but are also nicer on the wallet.

James LaRue, CEO of LaRue Associates said in a recent article by ConsumerEagle, “You can buy [the print edition] as a consumer for $12.99, you can buy it for $9.99 as an e-Book, but [publishers] are charging libraries for $84 for that book and only one person can use it at a time.”

With the world becoming a technologically crazed industry, it is sad to think that the days of opening a good book may soon be over.

Still, many argue that there is nothing like the feel of an actual book in one’s hands. The smell of the old paper and the feel of the worn pages capture readers straight into the story that they are reading.

“It is a nostalgic feeling of holding it in your hands and flipping the pages,” said Michael Cronin, senior.

One thing that should never be taken away from anyone is the love for reading. No matter what shape or form a book takes, the love and value of reading is something that can never be taken away.

So whatever one’s preference, whether it be e-Book or good old paper back, open a book today and be captivated in a story.