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Lynn University Expands iPad Program for Better Class Engagement

June 16, 2015 9:00 am | By Adam Yurkiewitz

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This semester, it really does pay to attend Lynn. The new iPad initiative makes one’s stay much more enjoyable both inside and outside of the classroom. The initiative was extended to all students as the university made the switch from text books to e-books.

These brand new, university-owned iPad Minis are expected to benefit both professors and students by enhancing the methods of teaching through the duration of a typical four year college program. Certain apps help engage students by allowing them to easily share a presentation with a professor or their classmates.

“This positive move for the institution has focused our university to think digitally and mobile first,” said Chief Information Officer of Information Technology, Chris Boniforti. “[We] are “helping students move from feeling comfortable in using technology for social and entertainment purposes to feeling comfortable within their academic setting and eventually into their career.” Apple has recognized Lynn University as an Apple distinguished school for the wide spread use of their products.

This typically occurs with new shifts in technology but has strayed away from this move. The most common issue seen with the new iPad Mini initiative is a user forgetting his or her Apple ID or password, which may simply be resolved with a reset of one’s account information.

Boniforti has also stated that the current iOS operating system is very stable and any issue may typically be resolved with a quick restart of one’s device.

The best and most popular features to aid a student and their learning in the classrooms at Lynn are the notes feature embedded into the iBooks app to jot down important points during a section of the textbook. Mobile printing is another pro to this move and is set to release shortly. The benefits of this technology save time and energy for both faculty and students.

Another popular feature with the new iPads is iTunes U. This educational app allows professors to share course materials with students, such as a textbook, and post assignment due dates too. Having this system enables students to quickly organize their classes and assignments digitally.

Boniforti believes that, “The way that technology is changing the classroom is that it allows students to further engage in new and more interactive fashions or ways.” The different approach taken at Lynn may make learning easier and more efficient.

Airplay, another popular feature used in classrooms daily enables a student or professor to mirror his or her screen to the project, allowing one to present to a class via Apple TV. Videos, presentations, notes, photos, textbooks or anything relevant to the class may be displayed to the class with the click of a button.
So, what about the news of no more books in the bookstore here at Lynn?

The switch from paper textbooks to digital e-books enable a student to gain knowledge much more quickly as videos and interactive media may be embedded directly into a chapter for one’s reference. Any required textbooks given to students are made available digitally in the free iBooks app. The search feature within the e-books make finding a particular quote or section a whole lot faster and easier.

Another valuable feature with the iPad is the capability to print wirelessly. “We are looking to introduce a similar way for students to print using their ID from any device,” said Boniforti. The rollout is expected to come during the coming fall semester.

A favorite app of Boniforti’s for productive use both inside and out of the classroom is Inspirational Maps. He loves the visual feature since it may help a student visually devise a plan for a research paper. “Inspirational Maps is one of my favorite apps because it allow me to arrange my ideas visually and then I quickly convert them into a well-organized outline,” he said.

The iPad Mini initiative may just be the beginning of more good things to come for Lynn faculty and students. This force of technology is making waves in education and as Boniforti has said it is moving the university in a positive direction.