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Why My Parents Sent Me to the U.S. for Education

April 24, 2015 8:10 am | By Adel

To begin with, studying in the U.S.A opens uncountable doors. Being a graduate from a well-known American university differs vastly when you are applying for a job. Many worldwide organizations will consider a degree gained from the U.S.A a bonus and it will increase the likelihood of an applicant getting employed.

I think my parents want me to study in the United States of America for several reasons. One of those reasons is for me to become an independent adult; when you study abroad, you learn how to do everything on your own from cleaning to cooking. This will contribute immensely in building one’s personality. Not to mention that you will also become much more responsible. Another reason could be that my parents want what’s best for me. They know how the society looks upon a graduate from an advanced country like America. Moreover, America doesn’t only have top-notch education but it also has famous attractions and infinite activities.

I interviewed both my father and mother regarding this topic and here is what they said:

My Mom said, “After searching many universities around the world, I came to the conclusion that America is the best choice for my son. Culture shock may be a problem at first, but that’s how my son will learn and explore the outside world. Also, most universities have clubs for international students so he will be able to find a group of friends that share the same values and beliefs as him. Moreover, American universities offer the best for my son. It gives him a chance to excel in various fields.”

With that said, my father added to it by saying, “Being a graduate from a university in America myself, I’m very fond of the educational system there. Therefore, I would like nothing more than my son to be taught there. I want him to have the same experience that I’ve had. It certainly had a great impact on my life as a whole especially my career life. Furthermore, universities there can aid him a great deal financially. They offer innumerable scholarships and student loans. Finally, I reckon that when my son graduates from a country of diverse culture like America and comes back to his home country, Jordan, he’ll be able to improve it by introducing new ideas and implementing them.”

As you can see, both of my parents encouraged me strongly to study in the U.S. They know I will receive an excellent education and still be able to have a social life. It will certainly benefit me in the future.