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Evisors Part 3: Get Advice from Mentors Online

February 17, 2015 4:45 pm | By Anita

Previously, IntroAmerica has published articles on the platform of Evisors, and tips for students from the CEO of the company.

But how effective is the platform? How likely are you getting benefits from talking to strange advisors? We have the answer, and here is what happened.

On Jan.11, we submitted an advising session request to a Lisbon-based entrepreneur Mario. Mario is an artist manager, and he runs a startup called “Book a Street Artist,” which offers people the possibility to book an artist online. Before sending out our request, we were able to choose three preferred time frames according to Mario’s availability listed on Evisors.

Within 48 hours, we received an email notification saying the advising session has been confirmed by the advisor, and was successfully scheduled on Jan.16.

(The session we attended was free, so we didn’t pay for it. If your scheduled session is not free, you’ll need to pay for the session before you can talk to the person.)

Several hours before our scheduled call with Mario, Mario sent a message via Evisors confirming if we would be on time.

At the scheduled time on Jan.16, we called the number provided by Evisors, which turned out to be an automated calling service. We were required to enter a “conference code” provided by Evisors. While entering the calling space, we logged in to Evisors and were able to see the status of the call (a green button alongside each of the party meant we were all online). The advising session started.

We talked with Mario about what we want to achieve professionally, and asked for his observation of today’s startup landscape. Mario also introduced himself, his company, etc.

Our session was scheduled for half an hour. When the time was up, the call was automatically cut off. But we were able to extend the advising session by holding the call.

Our comment:
We think the platform of Evisors is fairly easy to navigate. We liked it that we don’t need to register for the site—all we need is to leave our email address. The calling system was also very user-friendly. It was very much the same as making a WebEx call via phone. Most of the time, the sound quality was good, with minor problems at the very beginning when noises caused some quality loss.

Overall, the experience of trying out Evisors is quite pleasant. Our only suggestion is if you’re serious about getting advice via Evisors, try your best to make a list of good questions and do enough research about the person you’re talking to. Why? Because half an hour goes by really quickly, and if you don’t get prepared, you are likely to waste the time (and money) chatting things irrelevant.

This is the last part of a three-part story on Evisors. Part one features the platform or Evisors. Part two is a Q&A with Fredrik Maro, CEO of Evisors, where we talked about being an international student in the US and what to do before you start your own company.