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IntroAmerica Focuses On Helping Students Gain Experience

January 21, 2015 9:47 pm | By Betty Wong


Happy New Year! Regular readers of IntroAmerica may have noticed that we have been focusing more of our attention and articles on entrepreneurs and stories about entrepreneurship, jobs and internships for students in addition to providing insight on colleges and life in America.

Our research shows that our readers thrive not just on education but they crave and need real experience, interacting with others, developing leadership and team skills. In the days and months to come, we anticipate providing new services that will help to enhance and improve the student experience so that our readers can become on-going members of our community and be able to help each other – through advice, internship or job opportunities or other ways. Please continue to share us with your friends and follow us as we grow in this journey.

Our first steps have been finding students willing to share their experience about their lives as students. We always welcome your contributions and I invite you, our reader, if you have experiences you would like to share to contact us. You can reach me at

Betty Wong
Founder &