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Housing at KU

January 15, 2015 1:59 pm | By Esther

In one of my previous posts I mentioned that I decided to live in a dorm for the semester. After I arrived it all looked nice and clean and such. However, I quickly found out that some things were not as great as I thought they’d be. First, I don’t know why I thought not cooking for myself was a good idea. Even though meal service hadn’t even started yet, I truly do not want to eat weird food every day haha. And I actually really enjoy cooking, since I cook for myself basically every day back home. Second, having a roommate was maybe not the best idea either. This had nothing to do with the girl at all, cause she’s great (so if you’re reading this, please don’t take it personally!!). It’s just a matter of not having any privacy and feeling really cramped up because of the lack of space.

Because I felt that a dorm wasn’t for me, I decided to find a new place to live. After asking a bunch of people, posting on several Facebook groups, and even responding to a few things on craigslist, I found the perfect place! It’s basically right next to the building where I have most of my classes (Oldfather Studios) so I can just walk to class in five minutes. It’s also really close to the rest of the campus and not far from downtown. I’m sharing an apartment with three lovely American girls who all go to KU. I have a private room and share the bathroom with one other girl and the kitchen and living room with all of them. I’m super excited to live here! Also, look at this view!

view The view from our balcony ♥