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Winners found for $5+ million IntroAmerica Jiangsu Star Students Search scholarship program

November 10, 2014 4:49 am | By Anita

The first IntroAmerica Jiangsu Star Students Search program was completed in Nanjing on October 5 with the awarding of the Presidential Scholarship winner for Boston University and a scholarship from Denison University.

Sixteen colleges and universities – besides Boston and Denison- Anderson University, College of St. Elizabeth, Lynn University, Queens University of Charlotte, Southern Utah University, St. Michael’s College, Sterling College, St. John Fisher College, the Universities of Kentucky, Mississippi, Northern Iowa, the Pacific, Vermont and Winthrop University participated in the program, which offered up to four years of full tuition scholarship to students for a total of $5 million in total scholarships.

Joyce Slayton Mitchell  Greet Provoost, Univ of Mississippi and family

This was the first program developed specifically for students from Jiangsu province, China and was co-sponsored by the Jiangsu Education Association, the partner managing the China-based logistics of the essay competition. Additional promotional and on-ground support was provided by the Phoenix AD Media Group, part of Phoenix Media and Publishing Group.

Click to read The Jiangsu Star Student Search Event Guide

The Jiangsu Star Student Search Event Guide with details of judges.

Parents and students met with college representatives and other judges for interviews and discussions at the Sofitel Galaxy Nanjing over the weekend of October 4-5, 2014. This was the culmination of a six month program where over 8000 students from 33 high schools, located all over Jiangsu province, participated in an essay-writing exercise to qualify for the final round of the competition. The semi-finalists were selected in the US with a reviewing jury that included college professors and college consultants.

 A high school student from Nanjing Foreign Language School was awarded two scholarships – a renewable $20,000 scholarship from Boston University and a renewable, $22,000 scholarship from Denison University. Two lucky students won scholarships allowing them access to a networking training program from the Institute of Global Student Success, which provides a foundation course in New York and offers business executive mentorships. Scholarships are still possible for students who meet the criterial of the colleges and apply through the regular application process.

20141005_102909   Chris Cowie, Denison University & Family

Click for details of participating colleges.

Click for details of participating colleges.

We also thank Mary and Harry Chung of Douglas Elliman Real Estate, Top Admit and IELTS for their participation in the IntroAmerica Jiangsu Star Students Search program. Judges in the competition included noted college admissions author Joyce Slayton Mitchell, professors Alan Kerzner and Robert Calamai, architect Benjamin Moore and recruiters and representatives from Denison, Mississippi, Vermont, Southern Utah University and Sterling College.

The program was reported in the paper newspapers Nanjing Morning Post and the Yangtse Daily with a combined circulation of 1.8 million. In addition to the online versions of the newspapers, the articles were also carried in the following websites – for the following media – Chinese Social Sciences Net, Longhoo Net, Northeast Education Net, Xinhua Newspaper Group and Jiangsu China Net. (Links available in the In the News section of our website.)

The IntroAmerica team was proud to introduce and increase exposure of the colleges to the students in Jiangsu province! We applaud the scholarship donors for their generosity!