Congratulations to the Winners of IntroAmerica “Jiangsu Star Students Search,” Scholarships are Still Available

October 13, 2014 5:34 pm | By Betty

The first IntroAmerica “Jiangsu Star Students Search” took place on October 4th and 5th attracting students and parents to the event held at the Sofitel Galaxy Hotel in Nanjing.

One high school student from Nanjing Foreign Language School was awarded two scholarships: a renewable four-year scholarship of $20,000 from Boston University and $22,000 from Denison University. Two other students are selected for a one-year networking and mentorship program from the Institute for Global Student Success. This program has a one-week foundation program in New York and offers students opportunities to talk with and be mentored by business executives.

Joyce Slayton Mitchell

Greet Provoost, Univ of Mississippi and family

This is the first program ever launched in China that offers 5 million US dollars specifically to students in Jiangsu Province. Sixteen US colleges partnered with IntroAmerica for this event.


Chris Cowie, Denison University & Family

Read our event material for details about the participating colleges, scholarships, schedule, judges credits and other critical information when applying to US colleges.

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