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Chinese American Designers

June 22, 2014 6:19 pm | By Natalia

If asked which fashion designers are the most prominent within the fashion world, many would assume Italian and French stylists are the most celebrated. While this may be true, Chinese American designers created some of the most influential fashion lines and are inspiring designers to fashion lovers around the globe. These include Vera Wang, Derek Lam, Phillip Lim and Anna Sui to name a few. Inspired by their own culture and values, while reflecting on modern day society within their creations, these and many other Chinese American stylists have proved to be one of the finest in their field.

vera wang

Perhaps the most famous of them all is Vera Wang, one of the leading wedding and haute couture designers within the fashion industry. Her work is constantly unsurpassed, especially when creating each new wedding season. Using as minimal pieces as possible however creating simple and long gowns, Wang has designed fashion’s most unique and significant dresses. The image above portrays Wang’s ability to capture that simplicity and also her constant creativity. Wang’s collection of evening gowns has proved how distinctive her designs are for the entire fashion industry.

It’s no wonder why Michael Kors appointed Derek Lam as vice president of design of his line in the late 1990’s before Lam launched his signature collection in 2003. Derek Lam is one of the most influential designers in American fashion history and has created distinct looks that have captured creative directors and fashion editors worldwide. For years Lam’s collections has focused on beautiful and printed patterns and incorporating them with a modern twist. Sharp silhouette blended with individual shapes and forms have led Lam to create one of the most distinguishing and eyeing pieces of design. You can see in the image below just how Lam is able to design eye-catching pieces and how he is able to mix and match certain trends into his fashion. Recently, his collection focused on simplicity and pastel colors yet also integrating light spring colors throughout his pieces.

derek lam

Another chief figure within the fashion industry is Phillip Lim. Aside from creating various collections he has established his signature line 3.1 Phillip Lim, which has impacted many fashion stylists and artists. Using constant graphic patterns and shapes during each new season, Lim has been able to combine bold and detailed forms with simple outlines. Recently, during Lim’s 2014 resort collection, bright colors mixed with black and white pastels were used and placed with chic outerwear. In the example below samples from Lim’s latest fashion collection show how he is able to incorporate color into those designs and make it something more modern and daring. Metallic’s are also essential and can be seen throughout the collection.

phillip lim

Anna Sui and her line is one of the most significant and celebrated collections within the industry. What makes Anna Sui so unique is that with each new season, Sui experiments and challenges modern-day fashion rules and mixes traditional fashion standards with bold and graphic statements. Recently with Sui’s 2014 collection, many western designs were created into simple attire however paired with daring designs and colors. Florals were used constantly and combined with evening dresses and skirts, creating a girly but sophisticated look. In the image you can grasp how Sui blended soft neutral colors with graphic prints to create this chic and classy look. Sui is known for her daring and provocative designs and never surprises fashion lovers each year with her new and fresh ideas.

anna sui

These Chinese American designers and many others have solidified how essential their creations are for the fashion industry and have proven that they are here to stay. Creative directors to chief editors of the largest fashion magazines have recognized their talents and raised awareness of their designs for years, marking them to be the most prominent.