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What To Wear: Spring/Summer 2014

June 13, 2014 10:01 am | By Natalia

Summer is just around the corner and it’s time to finally put away all those heavy sweaters and outerwear and substitute them for shorts, tanks and light dresses. It’s the time of year where bold and bright colors return and are accepted and dark and pastel dyes and shades are no longer necessary to wear. Many designers within the fashion industry have already presented their collections for Spring/Summer 2014 however there are monthly updates on what are the newest trends and styles that should be incorporated into every fashion lover’s wardrobe.

Dolce & Gabbana.

Dolce & Gabbana Lace.

Anna Sui to Dolce & Gabbana are just a few renowned designers to mix bold and bright colors with florals and include wearable art pieces. White collars are seen throughout many fashion collections as well as metallic pieces (still very big in fashion). Lace returned to fashion last fall and it can be seen anywhere from BCBG to Free People. In the image above you can see how to pair lace dresses or rompers with delicate pieces or edgy accessories. Each year as designers showcase their spring summer collections to the world, particular colors and designs are showcased marking what are the newest trends of the season. This year, designers like Chanel and Elie Saab have established the color blush is the new mint. Blush will be very big in fashion this year and can be worn with soft neutral colors and metallic accessories. Dolce & Gabbana also portrayed graphic embellishment within their collection, for example in the picture below you can see mid to long dresses with sharp designs or blouses with striking features.

Pleated skirts are a must this season and can be worn short or long. Blush is used as the main color for pleated skirts and can be found at Rag & Bone and Urban Outfitters. BCBG has also created blush pleated skirts. Some however are mixed with bright spotted colors like yellow or white pastels. In the image you can see how these particular skirts can be worn with white or black tops and platform sandals. Another change this season is incorporating sportswear into everyday attire. Tommy Hilfiger captured this in his collection and showcased it at the Mercedes Benz New York fashion week where models strutted down the runway wearing swim jumpsuits, lactic shirts, shorts and sneakers in a California beach setting. The idea was a success and stores such as Zara to H&M are presenting their ideas with sneakers mixing modern attire with sportswear.

Zara blush pleated skirt.


Large and colorful jackets this season are a must this spring as well. Zara has unique and colorful outerwear that can be used in everyday apparel and can be matched with white pastel dresses or navy blouses and bottoms, since navy is here to stay. Wearable art designs have been big this year as well. Designers such as Celine have been able to capture and use this look throughout this season’s collection. In the image below you can see how wearable art can be worn, pairing with black accessories and bright make up to complete the look.

Celine, wearable art design.

From blush-pleated skirts to graphic designs pieces, from sports attire to modern elegance, this year’s spring summer collections have portrayed new trends and styles that here to stay. Zara to Free People, BCBG to H&M are just a few venues to shop at and obtain these hottest looks while renowned designers such as Tommy Hilfiger and Chanel have marked what is imperative in fashion.