American Experience | 体验美国

A Fantastic Undergraduate Life at University of the Pacific

June 9, 2014 3:01 pm | By Ada

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Hmm… Where should I start? My first day of orientation in college when I was too nervous to even say “Hi” to other students so I decided to keep my mouth shut? Or the first time I ate lunch at school when I was stuck with the name of the food so I just said “Can I have a same one” (pointed to food the girl before me just ordered)? Or even my first night in my dorm room when I turned around over and over again, couldn’t fall asleep, feeling excited but more nervous about my first lecture day? I probably should start from my dream since I was young. I’ve been dreaming about coming to US, become a student here and enjoy different kind of culture and life. I did it! I came here as an undergraduate student. I finally fulfilled the first step of my dream.

If anyone asks about the reason why I chose here? It’s because of the good academic environment in California, in University of the Pacific. Before I came here, the only thing I can do is search online because as an international students, we have less chance to actually come here and visit the campus. Most of the information, we get it through internet. But things always come clearer when you actually see it, feel it by yourself. Here are what I found out and really liked about this college. University of the Pacific is actually one of the most beautiful campuses in California and we are well known by small classes. With the class ratio of 1:9 which means one professor to nine students, professors remember our names and in that way, we get more attention and help from them. After class, I love go to library to meet with my classmates and do my homework. We have computer section which you need to log in with your Pacific username and password and we also have over 20 study rooms both on first and second floor which need us reserve at the front desk using our Pacific ID card. I always reserve a room for three hours from 6pm to 9pm so I can eat dinner at DeRosa University Center with friends after class and then we can study together at the study room.

Campus life is amazing by surrounding by many super convenient facilities. Baun Fitness Center is where students workout with the latest technology and equipment. Wellness Wing hosts interactive programs which serve free health food to students every Wednesday in gym. Free racket ball, rock climbing and dancing classes including Zumba, modern dance are available in gym too. Isn’t it cool enough to make you wanna give it a try? Cowell Wellness Center has health counselling service and they also offer nutrition service and free shots to keep students here healthy. These are all included in your school insurance. If you want to travel in California or even in US, we have LA Disneyland trip at Thanksgiving break provided by IPS (International Program & Service) and Las Vegas trip during Spring break held by ASuop. IPS also provides chance to all the new coming international students to go to San Francisco for a one-day trip for only $5.

Living on campus is the best experience I’ve ever had. Police cars are driving around campus to protect us and Stripes are working every night to send students back and forth inside campus. You’ll need to swipe your ID card to get into student dorms so don’t worry some guys you don’t really like will show up at ur room and say hi to you haha. Residence Assistants live in every floor to help with counselling your study and life. The best experience is living with native American Students. My first roommate who lived with me in school dorm when I first came here really helped me a lot. She is a pharmacy student, smart, hard-working and so adorable. Talk to her really makes my English improves a lot. We have classes in different time but when we get back to our room at night, we talk about fun things we do today and how about school and everything. She also gives me some advices about classes to take because as an American student, she knows better which class is comparatively easier for me.

If you love eating and sometimes are tired of school food, you can always go to the Chinese, Thai, Japanese, Korean restaurants near school. The Chinese restaurant is just across street, 5-min walk from campus, the waitress and owner there are all very nice people and food are great too. Shopping malls are 5 minutes’ drive from school. If you think that’s too far to you. Don’t worry; we have shuttle service which is open from Friday to Sunday 6:30pm to 2am to take you around.

College life in America is a wonderful experience and University of the Pacific gave me all my best memories here. I really appreciate all the help I’ve got here. There are a lot of things I didn’t even mention so come join me and let’s explore more interesting things about University of the Pacific together.