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Chinese Fashions and Brands and Their Influence on American Culture

June 6, 2014 10:15 am | By Natalia

When thinking about fashion brands, one generally thinks of American and European renowned designers influencing innovative minds within the industry. The idea that Shanghai, Asia’s official new fashion capital, inspires creative directors and designers around the world has recently gained recognition for featuring talented fashion designers from China. Recently, Shanghai has featured many designers each fashion week, especially those from China, brands like Helen Lee, Neither Nor, La Vie and many others.

Since 2011, Helen Lee has become a prominent figure within the eastern world of fashion, debuting her new lines each season with innovative new trends and artistic pieces that have been capturing fashion lovers’ attentions around the globe. Art, music and architecture are just a few things that inspire this young designer and each new season Lee’s collections bring more original ideas to the catwalk. By pairing neutral colors with bold patterns, Lee’s designs create a unique assortment of daring and memorable pieces. Moreover, Lee’s collections are founded on the idea of minimalism and simplicity. Outfits are created using as little accessories as possible. Rather, Lee focuses on women’s apparel such as dresses and outerwear when creating each new collection.

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Neither Nor collection. Source: Flickr.

Like Helen Lee, Neither Nor and its creative director Wang QiaoQiao focuses on modest clothing while mixing bright and bold colors. Metallic, specifically silver, is continuously featured in each new collection and dresses paired with blazers and jackets are key. To create a chic and notable outfit, Neither Nor solidifies the fact that it’s oftentimes best to stay reserved and use little to no accessories as possible.

While brands such as Helen Lee and Neither Nor focus on modest and minimal designs, La Vie emphasize the glamour of Asian fashion and lifestyle. Creative director Ji Cheng has endlessly portrayed the tradition of Chinese culture through her designs and created collections that focus on the sophistication and creativity of Chinese virtuosity. Generated towards younger women with a passion for high fashion, La Vie is just one of the many prominent Chinese brands that influence fashion couture lovers, particularly across Shanghai, Hong Kong as well as other fashion cities throughout Asia.

These designers are just a few of Chinese fashion’s elite that inspire the west world of fashion, including fashion capitals such as New York City and Los Angeles. Brands such as Gwen Stefani’s L.A.M.B. to European brand Fendi, have captured Chinese art and culture as well as the rest of Asia. Creative directors and magazine editors notice the trademark and impact these brands have and are included within well-known fashion magazines and designer wear.

Written by: Natalia Ortonowski
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