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College Costs info from US White House –

February 6, 2014 1:58 am | By Betty Wong


Last year, the US government decided that Americans should know what a college education costs. It seems that until recently, it was hard to tell. So the White House had the Department of Education created a College Affordability and Transparency Center website. To be blunt, most American families probably don’t know about this site, but there’s no reason we should let a new year go by and not try to share it as much as possible. After all, I want to let my tax dollars be used as much as possible.

So I am introducing you to this new website – When you go to this site, you will have the option to learn about colleges you might be interested in, a way to compare colleges, information on what the colleges report are their costs, a list of the most expensive and least expensive colleges, even information about the funding of some colleges. While all of the information is only available in English, I encourage you to try to use the site for the cost information. I recommend you use our site for the Chinese descriptions and refer to the site for other information.

When you know how much attending a US college will really cost, you can then plan better for a good college life. This is my contribution to the student and parent readers for the new year. Best wishes.