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Intro America Inc: How We Make Money

December 13, 2013 1:28 pm | By Betty Wong

Since I have launched, I have been asked “if we give away this information for free, how do we make money?” To be frank, we currently don’t make much money, so I have spent over $80,000 or close to 500,000 RMB to create IntroAmerica personally. How we plan to make money is to introduce great US colleges to Chinese and other international students and also provide information about other products and services in the US. In order for us to do this, we need to have many people come and read our site and give us feedback and share us with their friends – especially friends planning to study in the US or have family members who want to study in the US. It really is that simple. Can you help us?
Every company has to start somewhere and with some money. I am investing my money in this organization. Our vision is to provide information you can use to make important decisions regarding your life in the US, including which college you choose and where you want to live and how you live that life. Why would I do this? Because I think it is necessary, because I would have liked to have this and because I know my parents would have liked this too. But we didn’t have the internet then and we have the internet now. My team agrees with me, so we’re all in this together. But we can’t live on air or my money will run out.
So help us to help you. Because if we don’t have your help, we won’t be available to everyone – for free. Please – send an email, follow our facebook, tweet about us, follow our pins on pinterest, talk about us on weibo, renren, QQ and wechat…share us with your friends and family! Ask them to visit today.
Help us be more valuable to you – share us with your friends!