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Nadia Goes To College: Admissions Terminology

December 5, 2013 5:10 am | By Nadia

The college application process, at first glance, can seem a little confusing. There are many ways and many different approaches that incoming college students can take, and sometimes it’s all just a little too overwhelming.
Let’s take a look at the various college processes one can take and break them down step by step.
1) Early Decision
Early decision)is one of the “head-start” options you can take if you want the university you are applying to bad enough. You apply to dream college early … the due date is earlier that for regular admission. You can only apply to one college though, and financial aid (if any) isn’t addressed until after you are accepted, but, you still have less competition to worry about so your chances of being accepted are far greater. With early decision, you apply earlier and get notified earlier, (dates vary depending on the college). If all goes wrong, you can still apply with everyone else during the regular application process.
There’s a catch though – if you’re accepted, you can’t change your mind last minute. You have to go to the college.
2) Rolling Admissions
Rolling Admissions is a college process where there are no set dates. That means you can choose to apply whenever you want within a set period of time, and the college will send you back a letter of acceptance as soon as they accept you, as opposed to having a specific date. You can apply whenever you feel ready- but keep in mind that other kids are applying too, so if you apply too late chances are you won’t get accepted. First come, first served.
3) Early Action
Early Action is similar to Early Decision, except, with Early Action, you aren’t obligated to attend that college if you are accepted. And the deadline for acceptance is usually the same as with regular admissions. Better yet, acceptance rates are normally higher for early action than regular admission. You get to choose between all of your acceptances after enjoying a less stressed senior year with your early action acceptance in your pocket!
As for me, a current High School Senior, I’m considering Early Action. I think it’s best for me to keep my options open and still have a firm acceptance to depend on. Getting a head-start is always great, but jumping into things too fast isn’t. That’s why I’d encourage Early Action, unless you’re 100% sure about where you want to go.