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A new Intro America website

November 29, 2013 6:49 pm | By Betty Wong

Today, we launch a new website with new features- information about more than 4000 legitimate US colleges, with information about programs of study, costs and budgets, even transportation and location, all in Chinese. This information was developed with our American partner, a research organization called the National Research Center for College and University Admissions. They have helped over 60 million American students find information about US colleges over the last 40 years. We invite you to learn more about colleges by using our site. However, this is a new resource, so we will have to learn from you, our readers, about how to improve our resource. It is still a work in development.

“An American college for every Chinese student.” Today, we launch a new tool for Chinese students and parents, that will make recommendations for American colleges based on the interests and qualifications of the Chinese students. The recommendations will be as good as the information you provide. We do not charge for this information or recommendation but we ask for your permission to share the information with US colleges. If you fit their criteria and they fit your criteria, there will be a match. Give it a try.

Throughout our site is information from students about their experience. These students feel they would like to help other students. Also, there is advice about how to do well in college from professors, how to get good deals or set up to live in America.  We feel we should not charge students and their families for this information because education and life in America is so expensive. But we will charge the colleges. We share this information with you so you know how we can pay our expenses.

We are a team of Chinese and American citizens, interested in helping students and their families to live a better life. We want to be an extended family to you to help you. This is based on my personal experience as the founder. As a child of an immigrant family, I was lucky to have cousins show me the way to be successful in America. Let us help you. And help us, with your advice, to get better. Feel free to contact me at