American Experience | 体验美国


November 16, 2013 1:29 pm | By Julia

JG football gameCollege football is an event that brings the entire student body together. The deafening cheers of the crowd, the echo of the announcer, the smell of garlic fries, and the sea of purple and gold all describe what it is like to attend a Husky football game. As a student at the University of Washington, I have a lot of pride in my team. Football events are something I always look forward to during Fall quarter. The excitement and environment of a football game is something that cannot be duplicated.

As a student, I hold Dawg Pack tickets, which are season tickets to every single home football game of the season. There is a student section in the stadium that is only designated for students who hold Dawg Pack tickets. At the very end of the touchdown pole, all of the students stand and cheer their team on. It is truly the best place to be at a game.
A tradition at football games is tailgating before the game. This is when a group of friends or family gathers together in a parking lot nearby the stadium before the game. They have their own designated space and spend the hours before the game barbequing, chatting, and just getting pumped for the game. It’s a great way to meet new people who are also tailgating and is an amazing sight to see.

Football is not something that I completely understand but when I attend football games, none of that matters. The energy from the crowd, the players, and the stadium makes football games fun for everyone. High-fiving random strangers after a touchdown, hugging your friends, and jumping up and down in excitement creates an energy in the stadium that cannot be found anywhere else. College football is such a fun thing and something that everyone should experience.