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IntroAmerica Marketing Internships Available for Fall 2013

September 10, 2013 2:57 pm | By IntroAmerica

banner_15OPPORTUNITY/ASSIGNMENT:  Writing, Researching and Marketing Internship-

Assignments may include:

writing short blogs on topics of interest to international students;

posting on US and Chinese social media about IntroAmerica and US college life;

researching interests of Chinese students and parents about American colleges and American life,

helping develop and distribute international marketing materials,

analysis of international student service offices from different colleges and the services for Chinese students,

identification of information to be presented on website including new topics and calendar events;

translation or editing of articles by fellow team members,

sales calls with team members to potential US college clients, and

potential work with call center team – including development of scripts, monitoring, interacting with customers and callers.

The goal of this opportunity is to give a student a clear understanding of marketing, sales, project management and the impact of research on business decisions. At the end of the assignment, student will have specific assignments that can be discussed with interviewers. Students will be considered for OPT and permanent assignment in either the US or China.

PRODUCT–  A website information platform providing information about life in America, including advice about applying to college in America.

CONCEPT:  A “huffpost” inspired informational website for students, visitors, and immigrants interested in getting information about how to have a positive experience in America. Information is provided by bloggers and subject matter experts.

COMPANY – A New York-based, social enterprise, multi-media startup focusing on China and US mobility in early stage development. Company will be co-located in China by end of 2013.

TEAM – The founders of IntroAmerica believe in the power of education to change lives. The founders have worked in the higher education sectors in the US and China as well as in a number of Fortune 1000 companies in different parts of the country and internationally. Our CEO has worked on service launches in the education sector and significant experience launching new services and products for non-profits and for profits. We also believe in leveraging the interests and capabilities of the people who will be on the team.  Looking for interns interested in the China middle class market, use of mobile technology in interacting with target market, education sector, and funding efforts.

Columbia Team Members – Betty Wong (ColumbiaMBA alum), Sondra WuDunn ( Columbia MBA alum), Jennifer Krueger (Columbia MBA alum), Hundred Shaoheng Mo (Columbia MS from CBS)  and Sammy Ghazal (NYU alum)


Assessment of new website development with readers and customers

Identification of communication positioning for launch promotions- research to be conducted in the US and China – surveys, interviews, focus groups to be used

Identification and Determination of impact of social media vs. advertising on parents’ decision-making process

Identification of mobile app concept that will engage target market

Identification of potential investors and investment funds for series A & B

Participation in social media efforts and assessment of social media efforts

Potential participation in sales meetings and development of solutions

TIME COMMITMENT – Students are expected to work for a minimum of 15-20 hours per week for one semester. Activities do not have to be conducted at the office although attendance at online weekly meetings is encouraged.

REQUIREMENTS: Students need to be self motivated and able to work with little supervision; excited about helping other international students; sophomore, junior or senior year; and technologically savvy and able to use online meeting tools like Skype and Webex.  Chinese language proficiency preferred.

COMPENSATION – We are a start-up company, currently working on raising initial funding.  Our internships will provide a full experience to allow the students to decide if they would like a career in marketing by providing exposure to multiple facets of marketing, market research, sales and promotion. With this in mind, the student who would join us does so for a nominal stipend for expenses and, if elected to continue with us in the future, would then be eligible for consideration for full time employment and participation in our future stock option plan.

COLLEGE CREDIT – If a student is interested in working for credit, payment may be restricted. We are willing to work with both student and college program/professor to fulfill any requirements to assist students in getting their credit. Senior members of our team have worked with interns before and our CEO has taught academically at accredited institutions of higher education.

TO APPLY:  Please send a cover letter and resume  Selected candidates will be asked to submit a writing assignment on a topic IntroAmerica chooses. 

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