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Help for Students Coming to America- East coast

August 21, 2013 2:04 pm | By Betty

Every year in late summer, new students begin their journeys to the colleges that accepted them earlier this spring. This year is no different except that a new resource – – is available to provide assistance and information to students.

For this week through mid-September, we will provide some highlights on organizations that provide a warm welcome to Chinese students at the airports. Our research shows that Columbia University (Aug. 18-22), NYU (Aug. 19-25) and Pace University (Aug. 15-25) have services that will greet students and either transport them for free or for a price to their dorms from JFK airport. For those of you who are interested in private pickup from JFK or LaGuardia (LGA) or Newark (NWK) airports, you can also count IntroAmerica as a potential resource. Based on availability, IntroAmerica can also pick you up at one of New York’s airports and help you with your luggage to your dorm or apartment, providing you information about local services and answering your basic questions. Our goal is to help you adjust to your new life.

More information is available at this link.( You can also contact us through email:, and social media:

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QQ Group139802246

We wish all students a great beginning to their school year and ask them to stay tuned to more information from!


We read with sad news in the Chicago Gazette that an unprepared Chicago student was scammed at the airport. Be careful…