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Visa Questions for Graduate Students Applying to the US

January 19, 2013 12:00 am | By
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Here’s a list of questions you will likely encounter when you apply for a visa to the US:

I.  Your educational background and experiences

1.  What is your academic background? Where are you studying?

2.  What are you studying in your school? Do you have transcript and student card?

3.  What is your major in China?

4.  Did you take the TOEFL or IELTS test? What were your scores?

5.  If you didn’t take TOEFL or IELTS, please explain why.

6.  Do you have any relatives in the United States? Do you have sisters or brothers? What are they doing?

7.  Have you ever been to nations outside of China? / Have you ever gone abroad?

8.  Can you tell me something about your school?

9.  Have you received any scholarships in your school?

10.  Why didn’t you find a job after your graduation from your college?


II.  Purpose of Study in USA

1.  What will you study in USA?

2.  Why do you want to study in USA?

3.  Which university will you go to?

4.  How do you know this university?

5.  Why did you choose this university?

6.  What major do you want to study and what major will you study in USA?

7.  Why do you want to study this major in the USA?

8.  What courses will you study in this major?

9.  How much do you know about this university?

10.  How many institutions have you applied, and what are they? Were you admitted to any other schools?

11.  Do you have advisor?

12.  How long will you study in USA? When will you go to USA?

13.  Do you have a study plan in the school?


III.  Funds and Your Sponsors 

1.  Who will be your sponsor?

2.  What do your parents do?

3.  How much is the family annual income?

4.  Do you have a bank deposit certification?

5.  How much do you expect you will have to spend each year in the United States?


IV.  Your post graduate plans?

1.  What will you do after graduation from USA? Do you have any plans right now about your future and career?

2.  Why would you like to return China after the graduation?

3.  Give me some reasons in favor of your returning to China after graduation.


Special Circumstances

I.  Changing your major 

1.  Why did you change your major? How much do you know about your new major?

2.  Can you tell me some differences between your two majors?

3.  How many credits will you transfer to the new school?


II.  Work experiences

1.  Tell me some details about your work.<!> What is your job? What is your job’s duty? What have you done in your job? How long have you been working in the company? Do you think you have learned something from your work? How much can you earn from your job?

2.  Why did you abandon/give up your job, and choose to go on study in USA?


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