$5+ million in US scholarships to Chinese students from outside of Beijing and Shanghai (Full tuition scholarships available)

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$5+ million in US scholarships to Chinese students from outside of Beijing and Shanghai
(Full tuition scholarships available)

November 16, 2015 – Beijing, China – Intro America Inc. has partnered with Shunshunliuxue to host the first US scholarships program for students living outside of Beijing and Shanghai who are interested in attending undergraduate and graduate American universities. “We know American universities, like Harvard, Columbia, Brandeis and NYU, are looking for students from all over China and this type of program allows us to help those students find unique colleges and universities interested in them. Students from Wuhan, Xi’an, Chengdu and Changsha can find themselves on the short list for acceptance for full and partial scholarships , if they have the personality, grades and test results the colleges require,”’ says Betty Wong, founder of IntroAmerica.com and herself a winner of a full tuition scholarship from Johnson & Johnson to attend Columbia Business School.

“Shunshunliuxue believes students from all over China should have the opportunity to study overseas and we think this type of program will be attractive to any students or parents interested in gaining the honor of a merit-based scholarship,” says Alex Yang Zhang, CEO. Shunshunliuxue provides online training for students applying to college and has introduced an innovative platform for students to find and rate consultants.

The new IntroAmerica Chinese Star Students Search US Scholarships program finds, trains, evaluates, screens and introduces Chinese students to colleges all over the US. As a growing number of American colleges and universities join the program between now and March 2016, IntroAmerica will provide them with their evaluation of students’ essay-writing and interviewing skills. The American institutions in the program will then determine which students are eligible for scholarships, which can cover up to full tuition for four years and be worth over US$137,500 or 850,000 RMB. Among the inaugural institutions offering scholarships this fall are Transylvania University (US News National Liberal Arts #82), Columbia College of South Carolina (US News Best Value #10, Regional South #37), Queens University of Charlotte (US News Regional South #20) and College of Saint Elizabeth (US News Regional North #112). The first four institutions to join the program this year are offering more than $5 million in full and partial tuition scholarships. Students who participate in the program now will be eligible for consideration by colleges that join the program later.

The unique value IntroAmerica Chinese Star Students Search program provides, in addition to guidance on the college application process, is the preparation for successfully writing the required essay and interviewing. The program offers convenient online training, advice and a practice session via multiple webinar modules for both essay-writing and interviewing. IntroAmerica recognizes outstanding essay writers at an award ceremony in the Spring, provides these students with the opportunity to be interviewed, either in person or online, and shares their information with American colleges for the purpose of introducing them for scholarship consideration. No other program provides this valuable opportunity for students to be presented individually and directly to colleges for scholarships. More specific scholarship and program information is available at www.introamerica.cn or introamerica.com and wwwshunshunliuxue.com.


IntroAmerica Inc. is a New York-based American company that provides information about US colleges and advice about living and being successful in the US, written by Chinese students in the US and subject matter experts, including lawyers, professors and consultants. More information is available at www.introamerica.com and introamerica.cn.


Intro America Inc. publishes www.introamerica.com and www.introamerica.cn, and has weibo and WeChat accounts under the name Yingzhoumei. The platforms provide information, advice and insights about student life in the US, written by Chinese, American and international students, professors, and business professionals. The company is located in New York and works with its strategic partner Wuhan Yinzhoumei Technology in China.

Last year, IntroAmerica organized the first scholarship program for Jiangsu province with the Jiangsu Education Association. Over $5 million in scholarships were offered by 16 colleges and universities, including Boston University, University of Vermont and Denison University. Other institutions who offer undergraduate scholarships include Anderson University, Saint John Fisher College, Saint Michael’s College, University of Kentucky, University of Mississippi, University of Northern Iowa, University of the Pacific, Southern Utah University and Winthrop University. The previous program highlighted unique programs from institutions that offer more exposure to American culture and American people. Lynn University continues to offers a special 3 year bachelors program for deserving students and Sterling College of Vermont offered internships to all students and reports high employment for graduates. Both College of Saint Elizabeth and Queens University of Charlotte offered full tuition scholarships in the earlier program.